Color Guard Uniform Care

My parent(s)/guardian(s) and I understand and agree to follow the uniform guidelines established by the Council Rock North Marching Band:

1. I will purchase the required Color Guard shoes. * I will keep these shoes clean, polished, and free of mud. I will also label the inside of each shoe with my name.

2. I will purchase the required gloves if I am assigned to rifles and sabers. * I will keep them clean by laundering them on my own as needed.

3. I will purchase the summer uniform (navy polo with the band logo and black capri leggings). * I will keep this uniform clean by laundering it on my own after each use. It will be ready to wear whenever the band director/guard director asks for this uniform.

4. I will purchase the required personalized Color Guard track suit jacket and pants. * I will keep this clean by laundering it on my own after each use.

5. I will purchase solid black ankle socks with no visible logos. * These socks will always be worn with both my uniforms. It is recommended that you buy 2 pairs.

6. To prevent damage/staining, I will not eat any messy food or drink or any colored liquids when in uniform and/or rain coat unless directed by a staff member.

7. I will not allow my uniform to come into contact with antistatic spray, spot cleaning chemicals, bleaches, spray deodorants, perfumes, make up, or hair care products such as hair gel or hair spray.

8. I will never iron or make alterations to any part of my uniform except for hemming. If my uniform becomes dirty or damaged, I will immediately bring it to the attention of one of the adult members of the Color Guard.

9. If my uniform gets wet, I will tell an adult with the guard and follow their instructions.

10. My uniform will NEVER be taken home, except in special circumstances (for hemming/washing in beginning of the marching band season) as determined by Mr. Larry Trimble.

11. I will treat my uniform with respect. This means taking it on and off with care, hanging it up PROPERLY, not laying it down on the floor or ground, and not sitting on the ground while wearing it.

12. After performances, my Fall Tunic and guard shoes will be checked in with the Color Guard parent and then returned to the proper place in the uniform closet in the band room. My Fall Tunic will be HUNG PROPERLY on its hanger and placed into my garment bag. My guard shoes will be stored in the zipper pocket of my garment bag. My black capri leggings will be taken home and washed according to the washing instructions. Please DO NOT tumble dry the capri leggings.

13. During performances I will wear my hair strictly according to Mr. Larry Trimble’s instructions.

14. I will not wear jewelry with my uniform unless otherwise instructed by Mr. Larry Trimble.

15. My assigned rain coat will be hung in numerical order on the coat racks. This rain coat is not to be used during
rehearsals unless directed by Mr. Bishop or Mr. Larry Trimble.