August 9, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

*It is very helpful to wear athletic shorts and a lightweight T-shirt so you can easily try on your uniform Please wait outside the band room until your group is called in. While you are waiting, fill out the top portion of the form, which will be available on your fitting night.

Step 1: Go to the uniform closet and get your marching uniform from a parent.
Step 2: Try on the marching uniform and have a parent confirm that it is the correct size. If not, return to Step 1.
Step 3: When you have the correct size uniform, have a parent snap up the arm and leg hems.
Step 4: See Mrs. Current or Mrs. Spector at the uniform closet and give your uniform number to be recorded.
Step 5: Go to the table to get your gauntlets. If your gauntlets fit from last year, they will be reassigned. If not, find the correct size. Either way, ask the parent at the table to record the number. Numbers are located on the fabric inside the velcro strip.
Step 6: Go to the table and get your shako (hat). When you have found the correct size or your shako from last year, ask the parent at the table to record the number.
Step 7: Fill out or update your existing identification cards (3) at the shako table with all of the required information. Put one in the plastic pocket on your uniform garment bag, put the other one into the plastic pocket on your shako box, put the last one inside your shako in the plastic pocket.
Step 8: Put your shako box in a neat stack along the wall near the piano.
Step 9: Go to the middle band room IN FULL UNIFORM (except shako) for your individual portrait in uniform. The photographer will have a shako for you to hold.
Step 10: Hang up your uniform and put it back in the garment bag. If you need help hanging the uniform, please ask any parent. It is important that they are hung up neatly. Put your gauntlets into the zipper pocket in the garment bag. Return the garment bag to the uniform closet.
Step 11: If you need Dinkles (shoes) go to the table to try them on and find your size. Be sure to write your size on the form on the back of these instructions so they can be ordered for you. You will receive your Dinkles during band camp next week.
Step 12: Go to the table to purchase your white gloves (buy at least 2 pairs!). You will also buy a belt here if you need one.
Step 13: See the cashier to pay for your purchases and your Band Booster Fee. Checks are payable to CRBPA.Council Rock