Marching Band Uniform Information

Please direct uniform questions to the below contacts. If purchasing any of the required uniform items is a financial hardship, contact Mr. Bishop and the fees will be confidentially waived.

Lois O'Donnell
Uniform Co-Chairperson
Cell: 215-534-0687

Vicki Benson
Uniform Co-Chairperson
Cell: 267-885-9761

Barbara Durning-McHenry
Summer Uniform Chairperson
Cell: 215-301-1500

The marching uniform is provided to each student by the Council Rock School District and the Council Rock Band Parents’ Association. It consists of a jacket, bibbers, gauntlets, shako (hat), plume, and insulated raincoat.

During Mini Camp in June your student will be measured to help in sizing his/her uniform. During August band camp, your student will be assigned an evening to come to the band room to try on the uniform. The great news is that these uniforms have a snap hemming system, so no more hemming at home! The marching uniforms will stay in the band room at all times. Like participants in other organizations in the Council Rock School District, such as orchestra, choir, and sports teams, our musicians and their parents will be asked to sign a Uniform and Equipment Agreement outlining their responsibilities for the marching uniform. Students and parents should take the time to thoroughly read through the agreement.

In addition to the marching uniform, the musicians also have a summer uniform which consists of khaki pants, a navy blue polo shirt with the CRNMB logo, and a black leather belt. This uniform is worn in warm weather during football season and for the Memorial Day Parade. Each musician must purchase the khaki pants and polo shirt from between June 21 and July 1, 2018. Students will have an opportunity to try on polo shirts and khaki pants during Mini Camp in June to determine their correct sizes. Please be sure your student takes advantage of this opportunity. All sales are final and orders cannot be placed after the deadline. It is each musician’s responsibility to hem the khaki pants. Instructions can be found in the Summer Uniforms section of this packet. All students, except percussionists using harnesses, wear a 1-inch wide black leather belt with a plain silver buckle with this uniform. Belts will be available to purchase on Uniform Distribution Nights in August. More details about the summer uniform and ordering can be found in this packet.

In addition to the above summer uniform, musicians must also purchase black Dinkles (shoes) which are worn with the marching uniform and summer uniform. On Uniform Distribution Nights in August, the students will have the opportunity to try on the Dinkles and order. Payment is due when the order is placed. Pricing for the Dinkles can be found in the section titled Uniform Distribution Night in this packet.

Horn and woodwind players wear white gloves with their marching uniforms. These gloves may be purchased on Uniform Distribution Nights and during the school year from the uniform closet. We recommend buying at least two pairs to start the season. The white gloves will need to be washed after every performance.

The final item that musicians must order is a blue marching band t-shirt. This item is found online with the summer uniforms (khakis and polo shirt) at and will be available to order from June 21-July 1, 2018. This shirt is always worn under the marching uniform jacket to provide a uniform look if/when the students remove their jackets. We recommend
purchasing two of these shirts, especially for October when there will be Friday football games and Saturday competitions. This t-shirt is part of the uniform and is expected to be worn at all times with the marching jacket.

The marching uniforms have a more snug fit which makes it a bit difficult to put warm clothes under it during the colder months. Please think ahead about what to wear under the uniform, especially in October and November. Athletic shorts, tights or long underwear, not jeans or sweatpants, may be worn under the bibbers. Under Armour-type, crew or V-neck (not mock turtleneck) long sleeve shirts may be worn under the blue marching band t-shirts. Hoodies and sweatshirts cannot be worn under the jacket. Further details can be found in the Uniform and Equipment Agreement 2018-19 in this packet. Long underwear pants and shirts are available for sale with the summer uniforms at from June 21-July 1. These are optional purchases, but are recommended for the new uniforms.

Finally, please be sure students’ names are clearly written in the Dinkles, t-shirts, polo shirts, khaki pants, belts and gloves. Remember that the Dinkles should be polished before every performance. Be sure that the summer uniform khakis are pressed and the polo shirt is clean and wrinkle-free, ready to be worn whenever Mr. Bishop asks for this uniform.


  • The summer uniform consists of khaki pants, a navy blue polo shirt with the CRNMB logo, 1” black leather belt with a plain silver buckle (except for percussionists wearing drum harnesses), Dinkles (shoes), and black socks. This uniform is worn during warm weather at the start of the football season and for the Memorial Day parade.
  •  Musicians must purchase the pants and polo shirt from (Online Team Sales tab) between June 21 -July 1, 2018. will be an opportunity to try on pants, polo shirts, and new navy blue t-shirts (see below) during Mini Camp on June 21 and 22, 5-6:00PM and 9-9:30PM, in the cafeteria. All sales are final and items cannot be ordered after the July 1st deadline. They will be delivered to students on the first day of August Band Camp. Please note, long underwear pants and shirts that can be worn under the marching uniform are also available on this site, but are only recommended, not required. Information about what can be worn under the marching uniform can be found in the Uniform and Equipment Agreement (p. 9).
  • Students are required to wear the khaki pants from Kampus Klothes to guarantee a uniform look. You may not provide your own pants.
  • The required navy blue T-shirts for under the marching uniform are also sold at (Online Team Sales tab) between June 21-July 1, 2018. ALL BAND MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A NAVY BLUE T-SHIRT.
    We recommend buying two for marching season.
  • There are a limited number of used khaki pants available for sale ($10) or for trade-in before and after Mini Camp on June 21 and 22. We do not recommend waiting until August to trade in your pants in case we do not have the size you need and you must order new ones.
  • The khaki pants must be hemmed by Preview Night, August 29, 2018. They should be hemmed to clear the ground by 1/2-1” in order to avoid dragging and damaging the hem. You may want to leave a generous amount of length when altering to allow for growth. A blind hem will be easier to drop and leave less of a mark than a machine stitched, jean-style hem. Valley Cleaners in Newtown will hem the pants for a very reasonable price if you tell them you are with the Council Rock North Marching Band.
  • Polo shirts are expected to be worn tucked in.
  • Belts will be available for purchase during Uniform Distribution Nights in August or musicians may be asked to provide their own (1” wide, plain black leather with plain silver buckle). Only percussionists who are wearing a harness are exempted from wearing a black belt with their summer uniform.
  • Students should provide their own solid black, calf-high socks with no visible logos.
  • Dinkles can be purchased in August on Uniform Distribution nights. Please have these shoes polished for every
  • Musicians are expected to have their summer uniform ready should the director call for them, which means the khaki pants should be ironed, Dinkles polished, and the polo shirt laundered and wrinkle-free. Please do not leave the summer uniforms in the instrument closets in the band room.
  • Be sure to clearly label all items with your name. We have very limited summer uniforms available to borrow or purchase from the uniform closet. Students who are not prepared may not be able to participate.

Suggested Care Guidelines for Summer Uniforms

  • The pants have a permanent press finish. For best results, tumble dry on medium and hang promptly. They can be touched up with an iron set to permanent press. They can also be dry cleaned. The pants can be treated with a product like Scotchguard to protect against mud in bad weather.
  • The polo can be tumbled dry on low and touched up with an iron set to synthetic if needed.
  • Only non-chlorine bleach should be used on polos and khakis to maintain uniformity of color.
  • Fabric softener can be used on either piece, but will interfere with the wicking and cooling performance of the polo shirts.

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