Marching Band Camp

Both mini-band camp and band camp consist of training and instruction in marching and music. At mini-camp, incoming freshmen are shown the basics of marching, while older students get to brush up on their skills. Music for the fall show is distributed, to allow for memorization over the summer, and often sectional practices are planned. At band camp in August, the band reviews the basics of marching, and begins learning the drill for the show. The group will divide into sectionals to practice the music and develop skills. This time is crucial for preparing the band for later performances, and molding it into a team.

Band camp takes place at the beginning and end of the summer. Mini-Band camp takes place directly after the end of the school year for three half days. The timing of mini-band camp is dependent on the number of snow days, and is decided after the school board determines the last day of school.

Band Camp for the 2021-2022 School Year

Band Camp Mon – Fri, week of 8/09 –  8/20, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm each day
Students should provide the following completed forms upon arrival to camp on Monday, August 9th:
CRSD COVID-19 Waiver
2021 Commitment Form AND Medical Form

What do I need to bring to band camp?

You will need to bring your instrument, your lunch and water. You will be at camp for 8 hours so two to three bottles or a large jug. Please write your name on the bottles as others may bring similar bottles with them

Is Marching Band fun?


Freshmen enjoy meeting students in all grades at the high school before school even begins, and find they become part of a group friends before the first day of school. We have found that this makes the transition to high school easier for most students. Most students love marching band and find it to be one of the most enjoyable parts of band, and often it is one of their favorite activities throughout high school. Activities such as car washes, parades, pancake breakfast, concerts, senior recognition night, banquet, and trips are just a few of the incredible opportunities for students to bond together. Band members become friends for life!

Is it true that Band Camp takes place during the last three weeks of summer? I’ve also heard that the kids are out in the hot sun all day and it is really hard work.

Band camp usually takes place for 2 full weeks beginning in mid August, followed by two to three evening rehearsals during the following week. Band camp finishes with a preview performance for the parents. The students work very hard to learn the music and marching drills for the upcoming season, but they also have a lot of fun doing it. They spend part of the day inside working on music and periods outside learning marching drills, but the staff ensures the students receive breaks from the heat and sun and have plenty of opportunity to hydrate.

I’ve heard there are parties every night after band camp. I’m not so sure how I feel about my child, who is going to be a freshman, going to parties with older kids.

Typically the senior members themselves throw parties during band camp. These social events are not CRSD or BPA activities — they are hosted by band families and are parent supervised. They usually start around 7 p.m. and end by 10 p.m. All members, especially freshmen and new students, are highly encouraged to attend. The students find this is a great opportunity to socialize and make friends in a positive social environment. One of the unique things about marching band is how older students and student leadership watch out for the younger students and are inclusive and encouraging. These are kids who hold each other up to high standards and don’t tolerate destructive choices and actions. There is a lot of positive peer influence in this group of kids.