Parent Association

The CRBPA is the Council Rock Band Parent Association. The purpose of the CRBPA is to promote, assist and support the instrumental music organizations at Council Rock North. We help with uniforms; at all games, band competitions, and special events (home and away as requested by the Band Director); and plan and execute fundraising activities as needed. The funds from such activities are used to support the activities for student members of the CRHSN Bands. None of the band’s activities could happen without the support of parent volunteers.

Parent Association meetings are held three times a year. The General Meeting is open to all members and all are encouraged to attend.  Please join us!

We Can Use Your Help

We are not successful without the help of our band parents. Moving a band of 105 members from place to place, even if it is just a home game is no small task. There is equipment to move, members to keep hydrated, concession items to sell. We need each and every parent to chip in and help our kids. It is a shared responsibility and we need you to get involved. 
Contact the Band through Mr. Wayne Bishop, Director