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Date: Sun, Jun 4, 2023 at 10:24 PM
Subject: CRNBPA: A very special message from our Uniform Committee!


A very special message 

from our Uniform Committee! 



Monday marks the last day of CRN Band Mini-Camp and we still need 1-2 more volunteers to help our musicians with Summer Uniform sample sizing for ordering purposes. If you are willing and able to help,please click this LINK to volunteer! It’s an exciting evening because we will also be measuring your musicians for their Marching Band Uniforms. All rising Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (Classes of 2024-2027) should try on their old Summer Uniforms (khaki pants and navy polos) before tonight to make sure they still fit and are presentable. 


We will be opening our two online stores MONDAY! 

One is for Summer Uniforms and the other is for Spirit Wear. 

*Colorguard will run a unique Uniform and Spirit Wear Sale, so please be looking for those links to be sent separately!*

All online stores close Sunday, June 18, 2023!

The CRN Marching Band website Uniform Page is an amazing resource for all your uniform questions. But in short, Uniform ensemble for instrumentalists is comprised of several components:

• Summer Uniform: worn during warm-weather performances 

• Formal Uniform: worn during football games, competitions, etc

The majority of the Marching Band Uniform is funded and provided by CRSD and the Council Rock Band Parent Association. There are, however, several items that instrumentalists are required to provide (at their own expense) to complete the marching band uniform. 

• Navy Blue Polo Shirts (with logo)

• Khaki Pants (unhemmed)

• Navy Blue Performance Tee (with logo) – One is required, two are recommended

• The long underwear items are not required, but recommended for cold weather.


To keep the uniforms “uniform”, instrumentalists must purchase any needed items through our CRBPA Kampus Klothes Online Store  starting Monday June 5, 2023  and running through Sunday, June 18, 2023. All purchased items will be delivered in August during regular Band Camp. Please act now because this will be your only opportunity to purchase these requirements.SAMPLES WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE MONDAY NIGHT for sizing purposes and try-ons are highly recommended for everyone since all online sales are final and there will be no exchanges. Please look for forms to be sent home tonight with your musician’s sizing information for easy ordering. 


Click HERE to Preview MB Summer Uniforms


1. Last day of Mini-Band Camp is Monday from 6-9 pm and it’s going to be a beautiful day!!

2. We will be measuring your musicians for their uniforms…exciting!!

3. If your musician already has a Summer Uniform (polo, khakis), make sure it fits before this evening. Unwanted uniform items can be brought to band camp tonight and placed in our donation bin. 

4. Have your musician try on samples tonight for sizing and ordering purposes.

5. GO HOME AND ORDER NEEDED UNIFORM COMPONENTS TONIGHT from our Kampus Klothes Store now through Sunday, June 18. 

6. DON’T FORGET TO ORDER YOUR SPIRIT WEAR AVAILABLE AT THE  Spirit Wear Store !!!! Our “Cover Band” Halftime Show T-Shirt will be unveiled in August so stay tuned for that.


Click HERE to Preview the Spirit Wear Collection



**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be offering discounted, gently used Summer Uniform polos ($10) and khakis ($15) from our donated inventory. This option will be available tonight only and while supplies last.  If you have any questions or if your instrumentalist will not be at mini-camp tonight, please reach out to Jenny Current ( or Megan Van Zelst ( as soon as possible. Thanks!!

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