4:30 Report Time – Change into Formals, pit and parents bring all equipment to stadium.
5:20 Head to Stadium, Warm up on scoreboard side of Track, DTX Pad for narration, Speakers, and props are in. Bring cases with your stand music. Senior Parents follow us as we march down
5:40-6:10 Stretch, Warm up, and Tune
6:10 Seniors and Senior Parents head to back side of the track
6:20 Form the “Senior Rec” tunnel, Senior Rec ceremony (or, as soon as players leave the field)
6:40-6:45 – Perform Show, go to National Anthem Formation
7:00 KICKOFF (Let’s go North)
3rd Quarter Break (please be back at stands with 1:00 remaining in the 3rd quarter, please have money for concessions)
9:30 End Game